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Horizontal Labeling Machine

Suitable for oral liquid, injection, solid glue, batteries, and small and can’t stand diameter circular objects the circumference of a circle and a half circle labeling.

Advanced affinity man-machine interface system, easy operation, complete function, has the rich online help function.

Automatic photoelectric detection, it has without label no stick and without label automatic correction or alarm automatic detection function, to prevent leakage and waste.

Special tilting feeding roller conveyor design, the paste item automatic positioning.

Champion the cause of the innocent career.

The machine structure is simple, compact, easy to operation and maintenance.

The machine adopts famous brand motor drive, the feeding label spee stability, reliability.


Labeling capacity (pcs/min)60=200 piece/min
Labeling accuracy (mm)±1.0
label size (mm)(L) 20-100 (H) 10-80
Material size (mm)Ø16-Ø22(H) 40-90
Roll inside (mm)Ø76mm
Roll outerside diameter (mm)MAXØ350mm
Machine size (mm)(L)1800*(W)850*(H)1600
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1500W